WTR’s Future?

Hello to all participating members of WTR,

2018 is staring to unfold and as the president of WTR I wanted to communicate with all of you where WTR is currently and where WTR’s future is.

This is a short history and accomplishments of WTR.

A group of off road motorcyclist from Wisconsin, Michigan and the Midwest who knew about and had ridden on the Michigan Motorcycle Trail Systems established WisConservation Trail Riders (WTR). This started happening in the early 2000’s as this group made it yearly journey across the lake from Wisconsin on the car ferry to Lake County to ride the great MDNR motorcycle trails located in this area. This group also was riding in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and recognized many of the trails north of the bridge need attention.
In 2005-2006 the founding members of WTR decide to get serious about the talk of forming a club. In the spring of 2007 WTR became a motorcycle trail riding club, as a 501C7 with federal tax identification. WTR in becoming a club, also decided to become a chapter of the Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan (CCC). The CCC needed help in accomplishing the yearly MDNR maintenance at Porterfield Lake Motorcycle Trail and WTR agreed to take on this responsibility.

In December of 2014 WTR’s board voted to leave the CCC and continue as its own club.

MDNR maintenance at Porterfield Porterfield Expansion (hours) EMS Donations
2009 2009 $250
2010 2010 (210) 2010 $250
2011 2011 (98) 2011 $600
2012 2012 (60) 2012 $766
2013 2013 (32) Completion 2013 $500
2014 2014 $600
2015 $500
WTR did the MDNR maintenance at Porterfield as a subcontractor of the CCC from 2007 through 2014. For the expansion of Porterfield WTR members contributed 453 volunteer hours and the use of WTR’s equipment. Since 2009 WTR has donated $3,466 to Republic EMS and S.T.A.R. Ambulance.
In 2014 WTR was awarded MDNR’s “Maintainer of the Year” for the work accomplished at the Porterfield Lake Motorcycle Trail.
Most of you are aware of all this history and it is important to remember the improvements WTR made to the riding conditions of the Porterfield Lake motorcycle trail through the volunteering of its members.
Currently, these are some of the issues that stand out for WTR:
1. WTR lost the maintenance contract for Porterfield in 2014 because of our leaving the CCC. WTR was a subcontractor.
2. WTR’s board and membership is aging and the interests in off road recreation is diminishing for many reasons.
3. WTR has not been able to gain the MDNR contract for Porterfield in applying for it in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Applying for it is a lost cause.
4. WTR has not been able to attract new members and volunteers.
In February of 2018 WTR’s board will meet and discuss the future of the club. The board would like any input you might have of future direction.
WTR currently has $2,185.11, about $750 of tools, a web page, tax identification and 501C7 status.
The Board is open to all ideas and your participation at the cross roads WTR is now at.
Please E-mail your thoughts and ideas to any of the current board members listed on the WTR web page. If you care to chat with someone please call.
Thank you for your past support and best regards,

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Porterfield Lake Motorcycle trail is not being maintained Very Well

On WTR’s Middle of NoWhere ride June 1-4  We  found that the Spring maintenance at had not been done very well to comply with MDNR standards. WTR cut out one of the “Missed trail blow downs” that were dangerous.


New standards in signs?


Because blow down not cleared trail re- routed……

Not a good…..



Tree was removed in 10 minutes with a bow saw and trail put back in orginal location




They say pictures are worth a thousand words……….

There could be a lot more pictures.

Very disappointing to see one of the best single track trails in Michigan not being taken care of………….

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Middle of NoWhere Spring Gathering June 1-4

During June 1-4 a few of the members of WTR spent some time enjoying riding the Porterfield Lake Motorcycle Area, camping at Silver Lake, and exploring the surrounding area.
The group enjoyed “Lunch” at the trail head each day during riding and good food and companionship back at Silver Lake Resort each night.

Join us for our fall gathering TBD soon!

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Past Middle of NoWhere

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Middle Of NoWhere this week end, June 2,3, & 4

Help me out?

If you will be at Porterfield Lake Motorcycle Trail Saturday for WTR’s Lunch Please let me know for planning.
Otherwise we might run out of Lobster……

I hope to do some RZR exploring during the MofNW this week-end. Lots of neat places to go. Anyone want to join me?

So do I bring my CRF 250X or my KLX 450R to ride when I am not riding in my RZR? AT 69 should I be riding either?

My goal was to do all 38 miles of Porterfield Lake Motorcycle trail in one day when I turned 70. Is this still a good goal?

Which Fish dinner should I order at Silver Lake Resort on Friday night?

Which Campsite should we have our fire at each evening?

If you are riding a lot of single track in the upcoming day, does it make any difference how much your breakfast cholesterol is?

How much Beer is enough to enjoy a campfire?

What new whiskey will David bring this year?

Thanks, See you this week-end.

Please contact WTR if we can help.



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Silver Lake Resort – Middle Of NoWhere 2017

For those of you not aware:

Silver Lake Resort besides being a great place to camp if you are enjoying the Porterfield Lake Motorcycle Trail, has all of your needs. Gas, food, cafe, fish fry, ice, ice cream, Patio Bar, MDNR OHV stickers, and great folks that work to make sure your stay was fun.

Thanks for taking good care of WTR and our members over he years………….

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Middle Of NoWhere gathering June 1-4, 2017

WisConservation Trail Rider Members will be getting together to enjoy the Porterfield Lake Motorcycle Trail at Silver Lake Resort, and the surrounding area, June 1-4, Thurday evening through Sunday, 2017. The Porterfeild Lake Motorcycle Trail is the “jewel” for the week ends activities. In addition there are excellent riding opportunities for those who wish to explore on ATV’s and Dual Sports.

The Club will have information about the Porterfield Lake Motorcycle Trail and riding opportunities in the surrounding areas available. WTR has the cabin rented at Silver Lake Resort from Thursday evening to Sunday morning. This will also be the gathering point for members to enjoy meals and discussions of the days riding and events by the campfire.

With routes going from Silver Lake Resort (SLR) to the MDNR Porterfield Lake Motorcycle Trail it is a great place to camp for the week-end. All you need is your two MDNR OHV stickers on your mount.

Contact SLR at 906 542-7196 or silverlakepat@yahoo.com for camping reservation.

On Saturday, WTR will be serving lunch at the Porterfield Lake Motorcycle Trail Head from 11:00 to 1:30. So whether you are on a cycle or exploring the area on your ATV, stop by for food, refreshment, and camaraderie. Who says there are “No Free Lunches Anymore………..

So mark your calendar, Call SIlver Lake for your reservations, and join WTR for a fun week-end in da U.P.

For additional information please contact WTR’s members listed on this site or phone or Email Tom Chase, 920 819-6755 or tpcgb@aol.com.

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