Middle Of NoWhere this week end, June 2,3, & 4

Help me out?

If you will be at Porterfield Lake Motorcycle Trail Saturday for WTR’s Lunch Please let me know for planning.
Otherwise we might run out of Lobster……

I hope to do some RZR exploring during the MofNW this week-end. Lots of neat places to go. Anyone want to join me?

So do I bring my CRF 250X or my KLX 450R to ride when I am not riding in my RZR? AT 69 should I be riding either?

My goal was to do all 38 miles of Porterfield Lake Motorcycle trail in one day when I turned 70. Is this still a good goal?

Which Fish dinner should I order at Silver Lake Resort on Friday night?

Which Campsite should we have our fire at each evening?

If you are riding a lot of single track in the upcoming day, does it make any difference how much your breakfast cholesterol is?

How much Beer is enough to enjoy a campfire?

What new whiskey will David bring this year?

Thanks, See you this week-end.

Please contact WTR if we can help.




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