About Us

The WisConservation Trail Riders is a former chapter of the Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan. For 2015, WisConservation Trail Riders is stepping out on its own. While those of us in Wisconsin work on the development of riding areas in our state, we want a place to ride today. Because of the great Michigan trailing riding opportunities, we established the WisConservation Trail Riders. We are a group of Wisconsin and Midwestern motorcycle trail riders who ride and enjoy the established Michigan motorcycle trail system. Over the years, those of us who do not live in Michigan have discovered Michigan’s outstanding riding opportunities and have taken advantage of these trails.

Michigan has some of the best off-road motorcycling in the country with hundreds of miles of single-track motorcycle trails located in both the Upper and Lower Peninsula. Our club develops a riding schedule for the year that gives opportunities to ride different areas in Michigan with other enthusiasts. Some of our events are WisConservation Trail Riders activities and others are promotions with other riding organizations.

WisConservation Trail Riders are also interested in activities and issues such as performing trail maintenance and enhancements of the Porterfield Lake trail, developing new riding areas in Michigan, working with other groups to establish trail systems, promoting safe and responsible off-road riding, and participating in current legislation to keep our sport open for future generations.



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